RE: The Glorantha Digest V7 #442

Date: Sat 04 Mar 2000 - 05:18:07 EET

David Cake:
>I am astonished at this analogy - could you explain a little more?
>I am very aware of the obvious China=Kralorela, but also the Indian and
>Tibetan analogues. Spanish, however, is a new one on me, and I am
>fascinated. And Dara Happa as China!

IMO, I cannot analogue of their order of kingdom of ignorance in RW except
as Spanish Empire.
(Vile entity Can Shu)
modern military comquest to Tibet is my dislike analogue.

>>Wraith the Oblivion Idea and DreamMagic Idea (Waking Magician) : shadow

>Not sure what you mean here.

ghost world exists as constant risk of mundane power and ignorance from

GROY composition=Writing Sutra composition
3)justification of War


five sacred classics of China: Writing Sutra, Poetic Sutra, FortuneTelling
Sutra, Etiquette Sutra, Classic History of early war age...
(of course, Sutra is Indian Word, but I cannot find appropriate word for
Europians: Indians are same Aryans for linguistical term.


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