Storm Bulls and sexual violence

From: Andreas Gustafsson (
Date: Sat 04 Mar 2000 - 20:51:15 EET

Regarding the recent discussion about SB.

I have a hard time understanding this thing about rape and SB. In every
published source I have, rape is like kinstrife - chaos. Thus anathema to SB.
Why on earth (glorantha?) would Stormbullies have to prove their power to
anyone? Why raping? IMG that sounds just ridiculus!

If we try to ignore our world and all the prejudices and feelings about
(anti)sodomy I feel that the analogy about that kind of workings amongst people
in RW circumstances.

In the Shadows on the Borderland book there is an adventure about a succubus
who has appeared because a rape has been committed. In Questlines II there is
(is it? I can't find mine right now to check it out. I think it was there.)a
Lore Auction where Greg mentions broos and raping and there he says that if you
are a rapist you have _become_ (became?)a broo by definition! I have a hard
time imaging SB doing anything that could make them become broos (in the minds
of people or otherwise)!

As for SB getting "initiated" by their older comrades I don't think that fits
my image of the SB whatever Greg has to say of them. If orlanthings in general
are pretty nonprejudiced (sp?) I don't think uroxis are. If there are any cult
that sounds like nonreasonable and prejudiced, that's the uroxi! Well, often
that's about chaos but then again, it really don't fits the picture IMG. I have
less trouble with Ermalis, Orlanthis or Helerites (whatever)doing it.

All in all I don't like the idea. Maybe it's just me being prejudiced or
something. (BTW, I do have a brother who is gay and I've never had any problem
with that, but then again... ;)


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