HW and rules and the play of economics

From: Andreas Gustafsson (koraq@yahoo.com)
Date: Sat 04 Mar 2000 - 21:08:25 EET

Well, the storm has died (well not that one! All hail the reaching Storm :)I
and I have cleaned up my mailbox of 80 Digest to catch up!

Thanks for all the answers I got, private and others. Trotsky: I didn't explain
the rules myself for two reasons 1) I never _studied_ all the HW rules so I
don't know them. 2) My bigger point wasn't to get the rules explained, it was
about how to spread the word about Glorantha and how *not* to do it.

Give something for free, and then offer more when they follows your lead is a
good way. The economics of the buisness is sad and I've heard that most
companies do get most of their income from selling rules even though I never
understood who bought them all...

But SJGames do get many new fans by their GURPS Lite offering who buys modules.
I know, I've converted a few new fans myself.

How to work out the details of the economics is another matter and any further
suggestions will be directed to Issaries inc. and not to the list. Thanks for
the suggestions and correction, I should have understood myself. But it wasn't
the core of my posting.

When I wrote that thing about goodwill and lifting the lid to the secret box of
the HW rules I intended to be somewhat provocative. I do think that once in a
while when a "closed" community like a list like this lives on, one sometimes
forgets that all have we been new and little-knowing. To be able to make the
hobby grow goodwill is of the essence. And Glorantha fandom is alive and
kicking, but I wonder if it is in decline or in for a renewal? Let's how for
the latter now when HW is about to be released at last. But out in th RW at the
same time...

- -..probably most people know RQ as that old game nobody plays anymore now it's
all about Storytelling and gothic angst or whatever...

*I* know RQ isn't _dead_, but how many starts playing it today without having
done so before? IS the rules in print and can you pick it up anywhere? Nope,
and it hasn't got a home (like a publisher) who continually supports it
professionally. Ergo, RQ is _somewhat_ dying. ;)

No offence meant to all the RQ lovers. Heck! I like the game! I might even use
it when I start to play "Hero Wars" :)

Anything more in this discussion is probably better of in private e-mail to me
so we don't clobber up this list. I just wanted to put in some kind of reply
even though it took somewhile. I wanted to show I stand for my words, and know
that I'm often wrong too.
(Now I _should_ shut up before I say more *stupid* things. :)


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