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Date: Sun 05 Mar 2000 - 09:27:12 EET

> Beef, in my ever so 'umble opinion, is a bit of a luxury for most
> Heortlings. Cattle are far too valuable to eat as a staple, (KODP players
> will know exactly what I mean), and beef is usually reserved for
> (political) inter-clan feasts and other special occasions.

It's beneath the level of detail in KoDP, but I believe that beef
*is* eaten in Dragon Pass on a relatively regular basis. I suspect
that, as in saga Iceland, you end up with more cattle than you can
feed over the winter. So right before winter, you slaughter any
animals you won't be able to support over the winter. You probably
preserve them with salt if you have it, smoke if not.

(As I understand it, this practice is one reason we have Icelandic
sagas: there was no shortage of dead calves from which to make
vellum, so they had plenty of writing material to make enough copies
of the sagas that they survived to this day.)

BTW, I don't agree with Jeff Richard that all Dragon Pass winters are
bitterly cold, but I do think it snows enough that the cattle can't
forage for themselves.

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