From: Karin Goihl & Daniel Fahey (
Date: Sun 05 Mar 2000 - 14:32:38 EET

D. Pearton:
>I agree with the relatively high infant mortality - primarily from disease
>and, in the wastes, malnutrition - that would limit the practice
>of infanticide.
>Another avenue for getting rid of excess children might be the Paps. I'm
>sure that the prietesses would take in a number of unwanted children to
>serve as replacements and temple functionaries.

I wouldn't look for infanticide among Praxians, but rather in the cities of
In the ancient real world people in cities would often "expose" children.
There were quite enuf people already and even more children was not needed.
Babies didn't always have to be weak or sickly to be exposed either. Anyone
could frequent the dumps to look for babies to raise as future slaves.

I don't remember hearing of RW infanticide among low-population groups like
nomads, but I suppose someone did/does.
Concerning sickly Praxian babies, those might well be wanted at the Paps, or
even taken from mothers by Paps representatives as they may be thot to be
touched by the gods or something.



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