Re: the bat

From: Robert McArthur (
Date: Mon 06 Mar 2000 - 03:04:06 EET

David Cake wrote:
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> >Do Lunar magicians have to research the ritual again?
> >
> No. The refounding of the cult dates from the time of Goddess
> herself, and was a result of research into ancient Nysalorian rituals. I am
> sure that there are a few copies in the LCM archives and elsewhere.

Well, I'm sure they keep them well locked up. Imagine the 'enemy'
getting hold of the rituals. They could summon the bat from
wherever it is. Now, before you sanely think 'why would *anyone*
want to summon the bat to them', it could be used to firstly
pick your own ground and time to fight it - urk! - or more
likely, to summon it _away_ from where the real fight is and
where it was headed.

Of course, it's not a ritual you'll likely be able to boast about
in the pub, even in the rarest instance of your survival...



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