Lucifer/ Venus

Date: Mon 06 Mar 2000 - 05:08:25 EET

Reference between Gloranthan stars/ Real World stars
sometimes hints Greg Stafford (and Stephen Martin?)'s most covered
most interesting is greek-style Venus for modern Europian was cross-overed
Judaic Lucifer
in Latin Term. (This link reveals in One planet represents Uleria and
Mastakos at the same time)
The Planet Venus ascented on horizon line as Regent of Sun at Dawn and Dusk
in same manner and color copy of Sun (Pseudo Sun?), and I think Ancient
people see it as Promethean "try to do more than one is able to do", copy
Great God Sun as Supreme Ruler. His role in Legendary Mythology sometimes
tragedic heroism, sometimes tricksterish fool, and sometimes ultimate
arrogance. Sometimes Ancient people cannot understand "Dawn Star" and "Dusk
Star" are same. called differently Two. (In Glorantha, this is Theya and
This source came from older Canaan Mythology, Desert and Irrigation God
Ashtar arrogantly tried to sit on Great God's Throne of Baal, because Winter
and Death God abducted this God of King and Rain. But he was laughed at by
other gods, because his body was too small to sit this throne and his leg
was too short to reach stool (IMO, tragedically). His existence blended by
existence of "Dawn Star" and was kept in poetic litany of Jewish Culture.
Isaiah use this again in his prophesy, Romanic term "Lucifer" became symbol
of rebel to supreme being: Christian Demonology eventually uses his name as
of Great Adversary or name before banishing from Heaven.
John Milton "Paradise Lost" is final style of this idea as far as I know.
I think Dusk Star is hopeful in Semi-influenced cultures because it teaches
coming Peaceful night after hot and violent Red Fire. So Jews say "Shalom"
and Muslims "Salaam" (peace) as ancient people, but ancient pagans
apparently saw as Dusk Star as Dawn Star paganistic one personality.
So at last, we can see Lucifer as Lightfore. (Arthur C Clarke used
"Lucifer" term after Jupiter exploded and becoming fixed star in Near
Future.) Kargzant is in a sense, Lucifer,
as Alien cultural God to Dara Happa in Gloranthan sense.

Historical amateur business affords making of audacious hypothesis "IF".
This successful case is like Edward Gibbon: Scholars sometimes choked by
surrounded structure and sphere :
But often this is mere hobby of hollow, how we can use this condition?
"If Sassanoid Empire and Byzantine Empire Cooperate to fight Islamic Horde
before conflicting each other."


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