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Terra Incognita:
> I am astonished to see much similarity between GROY and Chinese holy Classic
> "Writing Sutra" in composition. (Dara Happa is China: and Kralorela is
> Spanish-Tibetan-Indian-Chinese)
> Wraith the Oblivion Idea and DreamMagic Idea (Waking Magician) : shadow
> world

When we first wrote about dream magic in the East Isles, we
envisioned something like this: the dream world as separate
from, but connected to the mundane world, sort of a heroquesty

That particular take on dream magic has been Gregged as noted
before. What will come instead is not that much different
though. Dreams are an example of something which is lower
on the Space/Time/Consciousness scale than the world we see
when awake. There is obviously a distinct degree of

difference as well, as we don't (normally) dream when awake.
However, there is still truth to find in dreams. You need
to know how to distinguish it from illusions though and
it can be dangerous.

The sage Sed Parad learned what dreams really are after an
encounter with the great sage Mashunasan. Other sages has
then elaborated on these ideas.

Currently I think the Waking Magicians mentioned in ToTRM
#17 were initially mystics reacting against indiscriminate
use of dream magic, which they perceived as antigod acitivity.

Later on, they turned more ruthless and adopted their enemy's
methods and became what they thought they fought against.

This is all my speculation though, not to be considered as
an expertly statement...
Nils Weinander
The world is a beautiful place and it's worth fighting for

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