Glorantha Digest: Peasants and diets and stuff

Peasants and diets and stuff

From: Carl Fink (
Date: Tue 07 Mar 2000 - 00:57:09 EET wrote:

> It's very difficult to get a handle on just what a peasant really
> ate during the Ancient and Medieval periods . . .

I don't think you can classify the Orlanthi hill people of Dragon
Pass as "peasants". Their society isn't at all medieval. The
dietary comparison's would be with (say) the Celtic tribes the Romans
met, or pre-Christian Scandinavia, quite different.

Nils Weinander <> wrote:

> . . . one way for Uleria to defeat him (mythically) is to seduce
> him and then use her sexuality-related magic to (temporarily)
> render him impotent. Thus shamed, ZZ is defeated. He could stomp on
> Uleria and abuse her physically all he wants, he's still defeated
> on her turf.

Why would ZZ not stomp, abuse, and finally eat Uleria in this case?
He's a "shame" rather than "guilt" person -- if nobody knew of his
defeat, it wouldn't count.
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