Re: white rabbit

From: Alex Ferguson (
Date: Tue 07 Mar 2000 - 01:24:11 EET

> Dreams are an example of something which is lower
> on the Space/Time/Consciousness scale than the world we see
> when awake.

Specifically, lower in Consciousness. (Wakey-wakey!) Isn't the
point of Space/Time/Consciousness that it's three 'scales', not
one, after all? IIRC, people get somewhat larger when dreaming
(at least if they're lying down at the time), after all...

> Currently I think the Waking Magicians mentioned in ToTRM
> #17 were initially mystics reacting against indiscriminate
> use of dream magic, which they perceived as antigod acitivity.
> Later on, they turned more ruthless and adopted their enemy's
> methods and became what they thought they fought against.

You're suggesting, if I might take the liberty, that the WMs
were attempting to in some manner negate or refute the dream
world in the large, and/or more particularly, the magical means
being used to manipulate it?



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