chinese imperialism

Date: Tue 07 Mar 2000 - 05:28:10 EET

>>IMO, I cannot analogue of their order of kingdom of ignorance in RW except
>>as Spanish Empire.
>>(Vile entity Can Shu)
>>modern military comquest to Tibet is my dislike analogue.
>> modern military comquest to Tibet is my dislike analogue.

Alex Ferguson:
>You've lost me (again): how does this fit in with Kralorela?
>Comparisons between Tibet and KraLor are generally to do with the
>Darudism/Lamaism comparison, not Kralorela invading anyplace else.

Sorry, my sense of fun sometimes borders to use between "current" historical
analogue and "classical" analogue. Gentle Dalai Lama still have exiled to
India, Marxism China still domained Holy Buddhism land: simpathetic and
coardice to real worldness.
I admit Chinese "Alien" Court Qing gained loose submitance from Tibet as
Tang Dynasty in Elder Day. Remind me how often historically Northern horse
barbarians "conquered" Southern crop Field and culturally was absorbed by
Yellow River culture as Romans by Greeks and weakened,
eventually foreign rulers banished by rebellion from more natives: It was
cyclical in RW.
We can see Sun YatSen, Chiang KaiShek and Mao TseTung copied former
rebeliion leaders historically, because Qing was foreign dynasty.
If you see Kingdom of Ignorance was northern exiled regime during False
Dragon Ring, you may see Alienity. Because I cannot find case that chinese
court exiled to sterile and disorderous Northern field historically. False
Dragon Ring was oversea Invasion as Europian Invasion in RW, but Exiled
dynasty is inappropriate in this theme.
Real China has many available analogues for more "imperial" age. Like Han
Dynasty and Tang.
Geography greatness: Why is "Spanish" distasteful to you?

BTW, Cannot I expect someone teach me Kralorelan week name List? 6months,
each has 7weeks:
(FREX,unpathed water,etc...)

 I don't have English version Genertela Box, so I cannot make acculate week
chart reference between Theyalan Calendar and Draconic Calendar.


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