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The Glorantha Digest wrote:
> The Glorantha Digest Sunday, March 5 2000 Volume 07 : Number 447
> David Dunham <> wrote:
> > Beef, in my ever so 'umble opinion, is a bit of a luxury for most
> > Heortlings. Cattle are far too valuable to eat as a staple, (KODP players
> > will know exactly what I mean), and beef is usually reserved for
> > (political) inter-clan feasts and other special occasions.
- -..
> believe that beef
> *is* eaten in Dragon Pass on a relatively regular basis.
- -..
> BTW, I don't agree with Jeff Richard that all Dragon Pass winters are
> bitterly cold, but I do think it snows enough that the cattle can't
> forage for themselves.
- -..

Interesting, this has implications beyond what the Heortlings eat. RW
analogues: the continental and insular English. Germanic domestic
architecture was 'byre houses': long houses with cattle at one end,
people at the other. The cattle were protected from the harsh
continental winter, and heated the house. Space and food for cattle
indoors during the winter would be limited. The Germans who migrated
to England abandoned this form of house, probably because the milder
English winters made it unnecessary. Instead they built 'halls':
rectangular single room buildings. Presumably, the English would have
required more enclosed pasture near the steads, and would not have to
slaughter as many cattle in winter.


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