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Date: Wed 08 Mar 2000 - 01:54:07 EET

David Dunham sez:

>BTW, I don't agree with Jeff Richard that all Dragon Pass winters are
>bitterly cold, but I do think it snows enough that the cattle can't
>forage for themselves.

Depends on where in Dragon Pass, too. The lowlands along the
Creek-Stream likely have milder winter weather than the uplands
to the east. Makes it more comfy for the dinosaurs, too, which
are another (though occasional) source of protein for the Orlanthi
that they don't share with any RW counterparts.

(Side note: I think Gloranthan dinosaurs are warm-blooded or, at
least, display levels of activity that I would associate with being

Any place that has a regular grain surplus of its own (or access to
cheap Esrolian grain) could raise beef cattle for local consumption
or export. This could include the Vendref, the Sun Domers, the
Volsaxi, and even the Esrolians themselves. Cattle drives in the
Grazelands, anyone? Naturally, the "traditional" Orlanthi use their
own native breeds for plowing in order to keep Barntar happy.

On Cattle as Sacrifices:

I just finished an interesting book, "Courtesans & Fishcakes: The
Concuming Passions of Classical Athens" by James Davidson
(ISBN 0-06-097766-3) where the author makes the point that all
domestic animals (beef, pork and mutton) were butchered after
sacrifice in a manner to ensure that all the participants received
equal portions, with no effort to distinguish between various cuts.
That meant that some portions were mostly fat and bone while
some were mostly rump or fillet, so that lots had to be drawn to
give everyone an equal chance at a good bit. I am undecided

as yet if the Orlanthi in general follow this practice. I'm sure
someone somewhere does.

Gary R Switzer
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