Re: Scottish Cats

Date: Wed 08 Mar 2000 - 09:11:37 EET

Graham Robinson:

<< Skipping over the fact that the cats are in southwest england, not
scotland, they are hard to say much about. >>

     I seem to recall having seen some information about vicious black feral
cats being captured in Yorkshire, and possibly also in Scotland. They turned
out to be feral house-cats, or possibly hybrids. Of course, they weren't
significantly bigger than a typical tabby.

<<The evidence for their existence so far is some corpses that SOME people
claim isn't dogs - others disagree - and some obscure sightings. The photos,
etc. taken so far make it difficult to even size them, although some appear
to sceptical me to be perfectly normal, black house cats. Until someone
actually comes up with real evidence - dung, tracks, hair, a living specimen
- - most of us will remain sceptical.>>

    I seem to recall some wazok claimed to have once released a panther in
the area, sightings of which might have explained how the legend started.
But, as I don't recall much in the way of evidence that he was telling the
truth, I remain somewhat dubious. Certainly its difficult to see how a
population of panthers could remain hidden in an area as small as Bodmin Moor
- - I know cats are secretive, but come on...
<< If they do exist, the black panther would seem favourite for species. >>

     Not that black panthers are a species ;-)
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