God Learner Runes for Genert

From: Julian Lord (julianlord@yahoo.fr)
Date: Wed 08 Mar 2000 - 12:57:28 EET

Ian Thomson :

> I think my best guess at the moment is:

> Earth, Plant, Man, Harmony

> any thoughts?

Neither Plant nor Man IMO.

Maybe (but maybe not), Genert "owned" the Earth Rune
when he was a living god (at least in the Generti
pantheon [was there any such thing ?] ).

Harmony seems OK.

Also, Pamalt has the "Pamalt-Rune" AKA Power.
For symmetry, how about the "Genert-Rune" : Wealth ?

But what about the "Altina-Rune", the "Theya-Rune",
the "Sakum-Rune" and the "Luath-Rune", in that case ?

The mind boggles.

Julian Lord
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