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Date: Wed 08 Mar 2000 - 13:32:04 EET

D. Stephen Pierce:

> I have been searching, with spectacularly little
> result, for material on an Umathi cult.

> Yes, I know Umath is dead.

But my impression is that he still *exists*, which is
far more important. He cannot have a RQ-style "Rune
cult", though, IMO. The cult of Umath is dead and
gone, and the Orlanthi don't make that sort of cult
any more ; their civilisation has advanced beyond such

> I have seen mentions of Umath shamans,

There will AFAIK be Breath Shamans of Umath in the HW
version of Glorantha (someone correct me, please, if
I'm wrong).

> and a High Umath Cult in the archives.

I would look at that source with much a priori
> Anyone know of resources for a full cult?

I've never seen any myself. There probably aren't any
publically available ones beyond the GL cosmology, and
a few short mentions of Umath here and there.

However, I think that instead of designing a cult, you
should look towards :

a) Undertaking a shamanic Journey to awaken your
Breath (more or less similar to a RQ3 fetch)

b) Going into trance-like states of Breathing With
Umath. In RW terms, you go more than slightly mad.

Umath "devolved" (in GL terms : in Heortling terms, he
"fathered" these gods) into Orlanth, Humakt, Urox,
Vadrus, and also Ragnaglar (but don't tell anyone) ;
think "unruly and occasionally berserkergang killer
with shamanic powers and charismatic leadership
abilities" and you're already half-way there.

YGMV ;-)

c) Convincing the Examiners that this is a Good Thing
for the clan/tribe/hero band/etc

Good Luck !

Julian Lord
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