Website Updates - Convulsion & Miniatures

From: Rick Meints (
Date: Wed 08 Mar 2000 - 13:38:32 EET

Hello everyone, has been updated.

I've updated my website with a number of new things. In particluar, I've added
more information for Convulsion 2000, including a membership list so you can
verify that you've been signed up, and more info on gaming events. There are
still pleanty of membership slots available, but we are rapidly approaching
the 1/2 full milestone. All you procrastinators should get off the fence and
sign up. Another mailing will be coming out soon. If you think that you should
have received our last mailing but didn't, please email (or mail) me your
address details and we'll get you this time around.

NOTE: I will be closing down my old compuserve website because I have
run out of server space and can't really make updates to it. If any of you
have it bookmarked or linked to it, please shift your references to the site. Thanks.

For those of you interested in miniatures, I've added a price list and contact
details for Table Top miniatures. You might have heard about Dragonclaw
Miniatures, the company that, in 1996, briefly held the license to produce
Gloranthan miniatures. In the end, they sold their molds for making the minis
to Table Top, who have recently begun making the minis again. Table Top
doesn't have their own website, so I've offered them a page on mine. You
can go directly to it from my main page. Greg Stafford is arranging for all
GTA charter members to get a 10% discount on their purchases.

Table Top will have a sales stand at Convulsion this year. They'll also
be helping to run the prototype demonstrations of the upcoming miniatures
battle system that is based on the Hero Wars rules. There are rumors that
the battle will include all manner of beasties, including a Dragonewt army.
Stay tuned for more info on that.

Lastly, thank you to all those who participated in my miniatures survey.
I'll post the results soon. They were very constructive.

See you at Convulsion in July,
Rick Meints


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