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> Anyway, I thought it would be interesting to have a Thanatari try
>some sort of perverted form of the LBQ using heads taken from Lightbringer
>priests (with a mad head for Flesh Man). He's obviously trying for
>something insidious, but I'm not quite sure what would be really
>interesting/evil. Any suggestions about how the LBQ could be intentionally

Well, the quest is to return something or someone from Hell. Obviously
reversing Orlanth's Quest and bringing the Devil Itself back would be
the biggie but I don't believe that anyone powerful enough to do that
would be vulnerable to PC intervention.

Or perhaps the idiot Thanatari could be trying this in his pride and
sinfulness but does something else instead...

Who else on the side of Chaos could be....

Oh, wait! How about this: He's not trying to bring back the Devil. He's
trying to bring back Lockyamadon! (sp?) You know the first age priest
who corrupted the Orlanthi way. Wouldn't he be a great internal enemy
for the modern day Orlanthi?

And one last thought. Just as the Mass said backwards is considered to
be a great blasphemy for Christians, wouldn't a Chaotic LBQ go the other
way to the real one. Start at the Gate of the East and then go down
against the flow?
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Michael Cule


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