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> Subject: Thanatari HQ?
> I'm looking for some suggestions about something I'm trying to do
> in my campaign. My PCs are based in Sartar in 1621, and I've managed to
> arrange it so that each of them is worshipping a different Lightbringer.
> The 6th PC is a Babeester Gori. I've been doing a lot of different
> LBQ-themed stuff throughout the campaign, and eventually I hope it will
> culminate in the PCs doing the full LBQ, perhaps to help release Orlanth
> for his bondage following Whitewall.
> Anyway, I thought it would be interesting to have a Thanatari try
> some sort of perverted form of the LBQ using heads taken from Lightbringer
> priests (with a mad head for Flesh Man). He's obviously trying for
> something insidious, but I'm not quite sure what would be really
> interesting/evil. Any suggestions about how the LBQ could be intentionally
> misused?
> Andrew E. Larsen

The Lightbringer Quest can be used to bring somebody back from the
dead. And unlike the LBQ lite performed by powerful Chalana Arroy healers
the full LBQ can theoretically bring back anyone (anybody that is within
the god's powers to set free).

Presumably the quester(s) could also ask for a different boon, but the
obvious one to me would be to resurrect a slain Thanatari hero (and then
cut off his head)


The meanest Thanatari in my old campaign (Blood and Honor) was a former
highpreast of a Thanatar temple in Pavis. He'd succeeded in collecting an
impressive head collection from chaotic priests and priestesses. He found
a powerful crystal, the "heart of the serpent", that had an active power
over 50 and tried a divine intervention to attune it. Thanatar granted the
request by melding the high priests mind and soul with those from his
captive heads. The end result was a very powerful (and scitsophrenic)
chaos champion, in control of a powerful chaotic soulstone...

What happened then is a bit too long to tell though... My campaign went a
bit epic when the PC:s unexpectedly refused to leave the area.



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