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Date: Wed 08 Mar 2000 - 18:23:24 EET

Peter Metcalfe <> writes:

> Earth is undoubtedly a given but I'm not so sure about the others
> since Pamalt, the only known equivalent, has a mastery rune. Genert
> was an Old God thus he would have been more primal than Orlanth or
> Pavis.

Genert probably had runes something like Earth, Fertility and Mastery,
according to the GL's. I argue, however, that runic classifications for a
being like Genert (or Pamalt, for that matter) are essentially meaningless.

Genert was a giant and therefore "predated" the Celestial Court. I'm
certain he was one of the survivors of the unknown war between the
dragons and giants that took place before the gods were born. He existed
before the Runes were expressed by the Court, like the major dragons.
Therefore Genert was born of essences unlike those that made Glorantha,
and thus could not be described by any Gloranthan runic system. Genert
might have had aspects that were later categorized into a Runic system,
probably by the G.L.'s, but ultimately, I suspect that any such effort would

I suspect that there was a "Genert" rune, just as there is a "Pamalt" rune,
simply because the God Lerner's couldn't explain all of Genert's essence
with their neat litte categories. Pamalt was the same. This was a major
failing of the Runic Logic, a sort of Goedel's Incompleteness Theorem. All
truths could not be explained by their runic system. Genert seemed to
contain both harmony and conflict, fertility and death and combined
aspects of many of the elements. The dragons and the giants have always
been wild-cards in Glorantha and do not adhere (in my view anyway) to the
Runic behaviour patterns of "normal" gods.

All of this, IMG, of course.

Kind Regards,
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