Sir Ethilrist & the BHT

From: Douglas Seay (
Date: Wed 08 Mar 2000 - 19:57:37 EET


The keywords for the Black Horse County
( says

> He spent more time in Ralios fighting as a mercenary, and achieved agelessness around 1050. Seeking
> greater power he took his entire White Horse Troop to the Underworld.

and a bit later it mentions

> They arrived back on the physical plane amidst a raging supernatural battle. Taking only a few moments
> to assess the situation Ethilrist threw in his lot with one side, and helped win victory for the Lunar
> Empire. This was later called the Nights of Horror, fought in 1506.

Does anyone know when he went to Hell? Was it sometime around 1050?
Before the sinking of Slontos?

I was wondering because in KoDP you can bump into the BHT as an
encounter in the 1330s. I was wondering how this was supposed to work

- - doug


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