eastern confusion

From: TERRA INCOGNITA (inarsus-ferilt-z@mrg.biglobe.ne.jp)
Date: Wed 08 Mar 2000 - 22:03:16 EET

to Nils Weinander and Sandy Petersen: Even
I like work of A Le Guin "Earthsea", it is diificult task for me:

Genertelan Box Set Japanese Edition

Eastern Map from Old Loren Miller's site (It's best Eastern Isle's map in my
Do you have much more accurate map?

Tales of Reaching Moon#17 descriptio of many isles: isles of Dawn
too many isles was left without no acculate location

(IMO intentionally, Tales #17 has no maps for area)

and Missingland
some of names of Isle replaced or double named Nikumbila=Shenza,
Anatasy islands?=Maromonkotro, changed place: Ambatolampy, Faranvogath

IMO, Itlanmorango is native Godzilla (I like this spelling)
 island as Loral Island to export many mutated-lizards to Vormain (why? Is
there nest? or degenerated Dragonewt?)

I want to know the accurate location of Dalpato, Dragon's eye, Red Tiger
Isles, Jubolantanga, Sironomandidi, Spinning Island, Tjaratananna, etc...


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