Re: Umathi

Date: Wed 08 Mar 2000 - 22:38:00 EET

Julian Lord:

<< There will AFAIK be Breath Shamans of Umath in the HW version of Glorantha
(someone correct me, please, if I'm wrong).>>

     Unless you're thinking of kolatings, they aren't in the rulebook (the
relevant sections of which are now online), but that doesn't prove they won't
be in Thunder Rebels, for example. It seems unlikely to me, as kolatings
appear to be the only air-oriented shamans in Heortling society (and other
sorts of shaman are rarer still), but perhaps they exist among some other
Stephen Pierce:
<< Sorry, but what is the "HW" version. >>

     HW = Hero Wars

<< Is it something that is available now? A book or supplement? Thanks. >>

     The rulebook and worldbook will allegedly be out in a few weeks,
although a delay to April wouldn't surprise me. Goodness knows when Thunder
Rebels will be out...



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