Re: Sir Ethilrist & the BHT

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Date: Wed 08 Mar 2000 - 22:34:11 EET

Doug Seay asked

> > Ethilrist threw in his lot with one side, and helped win victory
> for the Lunar
> > Empire. This was later called the Nights of Horror, fought in 1506.
> Does anyone know when he went to Hell? Was it sometime around 1050?
> Before the sinking of Slontos?
> I was wondering because in KoDP you can bump into the BHT as an
> encounter in the 1330s. I was wondering how this was supposed to work
> out.

Greg Stafford knew all about Ethilrist in King of Dragon Pass, but he
also knew that KoDP isn't intended as an exact recreation of
Gloranthan history (and explicitly agreed to moving some events
around, like the Battle of Falling Hills, to improve game play).

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