Genert worship

Date: Wed 08 Mar 2000 - 23:26:58 EET

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<< But I'm very interested in opinions of the old-style RuneQuest Runes that
 people think are attached to the worship of Genert when such existed

Speaking as an old-style Runequest Rune myself, my opinion is that Genert
would possess Fertility, Earth, and, possibly Harmony. Given that the
remnants of his religion/pantheon are earth cults at the Paps, and that
Copper (from the Copper Sands) is directly Earth linked. One of his subcults
(Ronance) is connected with Mobility and Fertility, two (3bean, Good
Shepherd) are connected with Harmony.

I wonder if he should really have had a Genert Rune like Pamalt has. Since
the Runes are, IMO, godlearner constructs to abstract the universe for the
purposes of their calculations it would make sense to me for them to invent a
symbol simply for balance.

Keith N


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