A Thed Quest

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Date: Wed 08 Mar 2000 - 23:58:02 EET

Subject: Thed

>>The myth about this appears in KING OF SARTAR. Basically, Thed comes to
>>Orlanth seeking justice because she has been raped. Orlanth promises her
>>justice, and Thed reveals that her rapist is Orlanth's kinsman Ragnaglar.
>>The Broo are Thed's revenge for the horror that Ragnaglar inflicted upon her
>>(i.e., Orlanth's wife and daughters will have to fear what happened to
>>Thed). She did not invite the rape, but she inflicts it upon the womenfolk
>>of those who raped her. It ain't the blame-it-on-the-victim game at all.

        This raises an interesting question. Orlanth's role in this myth
is to give Thed her demand. He does this because he is obligated to grant
justice, and justice demands that he grant the punishment she seeks. Am I
right on this?

        Presumably, for a Thed worshipper, this would be a critical myth to
heroquest on, since it reveal the origin of Thed's power and chaotic
nature. Such a heroquest would have to involve her going to an Orlanthi

and demanding justice for Ragnaglar's act. Assuming the broo is question
is strong enough that simply killing him/her is not an option (or perhaps
the Broo has captured the Orlanthi), what could the Orlanthi on the spot
do? Obviously he could refuse to grant the justice, but that would involve
undermining Orlanth's justice. Granting the justice strengthens the
Thedite. Is this a no-win situation for the Orlanthi?

Andrew E. Larsen


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