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Date: Thu 09 Mar 2000 - 00:00:00 EET

Andrew Barton:

>Do tricksters have a social role in the Lunar Empire, as they do in
>Orlanthi society? Or would they be opposed to the empire, as an
>underground resistance? Or both?

IMG at least there's an official trickster/courtesan cult that serves the
Emperor. It's an extremely small cult and its high priest is currently in
exile for a number of reasons. (Partially because he is a high priest
instead of the more usual high priestess). The goddess is named
Cora Two-Mouths and the role of her cult is to amuse Moonson and
anyone designated by Moonson. (You can imagine what being
amused by a trickster/courtesan might be like). It's a highly specialized
cult and I don't think they would even be known of outside of Glamour.
Members of the cult are allowed to poke fun at Moonson (within
reason of course, that's the other part of the reason for the high priest's

I don't have a write-up of the cult but there are some stories about
the goddess before her apotheosis on my web site. You can find
them under the Stories heading and they're called

How the Tomato came to Glamour
Cora and the Mooncats

Again this is all VMIMG (very much IMG).

Oliver D. Bernuetz


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