Re:Ethilrist Chronology

Date: Thu 09 Mar 2000 - 00:28:35 EET

<< This was later called the Nights of Horror, fought in 1506.
 Does anyone know when he went to Hell? Was it sometime around 1050?
 Before the sinking of Slontos?

 I was wondering because in KoDP you can bump into the BHT as an
 encounter in the 1330s. I was wondering how this was supposed to work

 - - doug >>

This is an interesting problem. I hadn't realised Ethilrist had been around
so long.
Of course his extensive 'history' would contain all the references. It seems
to me that the KoDP reference must be wrong or misleading in some way.
Ethilrist recieved the lands as a grant from the Red Emperor, using the old
trick used on the the Char Un. There seem to be no references at al the the
Troop in KoS, but I think they must appear, at the earliest, after the Tarsh

Civil War (ended 1448ST), but most probably a whole lot later.

Keith N


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