RE: Lunar tricksters?

From: Weihe, David (
Date: Thu 09 Mar 2000 - 00:38:41 EET

> From: Andrew Barton <>
> Do tricksters have a social role in the Lunar Empire, as they do in
> Orlanthi society?

Yes. In any non-Orlanthi culture they are evil, and killed whenever
they are found. Thus there role is like that of the witch in Germany
during the Thirty Years War, or Defeatists in early August 1945 in
Japan, an excuse for not realizing that the problems afflicting you
are your own fault. That whenever you kill Trickster it just comes
back in a more dangerous form never stops them, either, even though
some Lunar scholars have figured that out.

I am not really clear as to the differences between Talastaring
and Heortling Orlanthi, so I cannot say whether the former treat
their Tricksters any differently than do the latter, and if so, how.
Orlanthi are considered to be very weird by other societies because
they sometimes keep pet Tricksters around, too drunk to do any harm.
Non-heroquesting Orlanthi often agree with this assessment, until they
have to perform one without him.

> Or would they be opposed to the empire, as an
> underground resistance? Or both?

This question assumes that all Tricksters are alike, and that they
are an organized and unified cult. In fact it assumes that an
individual Trickster will be able to form a plan and carry it out,
so that two tricksters COULD form a cell, and recruit others. Facts
tend to contradict these assumptions. Trickster may sometimes be a
very powerful force, but seldom because the Trickster planned it that
way. In fact, the more that a Trickster plans things the more likely
they are to go awry.

Certainly some are opposed to the Empire, but others are probably
happy to serve it to the best of their ability (and with friends
like those, who needs enemies?).


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