Genert's Runes

From: Peter Metcalfe (
Date: Thu 09 Mar 2000 - 05:05:57 EET

Julian Lord:

>Maybe (but maybe not), Genert "owned" the Earth Rune
>when he was a living god (at least in the Generti
>pantheon [was there any such thing ?] ).

The Generti Pantheon is the current Praxian Pantheon. But
the God Learners/Elves seem to place him as one corner of
the earth rune (the other three are Gata, Empress Earth and
the Earth Witch), so owning the Earth Rune (or even Earth &
Infinity) looks unlikely.

>Also, Pamalt has the "Pamalt-Rune" AKA Power.
>For symmetry, how about the "Genert-Rune" : Wealth ?

The "Power" Rune is really a kinship rune in Doraddi
contexts but it could also describe the phallus.

>But what about the "Altina-Rune", the "Theya-Rune",
>the "Sakum-Rune" and the "Luath-Rune", in that case ?

There are no Altinae, Theya, Luath or Sakum runes in
the sense of Genert or Pamalt runes. Genert was the

analog of Pamalt in that he represents the priestly
magical tradition, a comprehensive way of looking at
the cosmos.

Pamalt represents the Animist tradition and now lives
in Sakum. His kinship rune is really how he manifests
those powers.

The Sorcerous tradition is represented by Zzabur who has
the Law and Magic Runes whereas Vith represents the
Mystical Way and his runes are not known to me.

Food for thought: if Genert's death caused the loss of
"powers of unity and harmony", then anything left could
be described by earth and disorder. Which God would this

Bruce Hollebone:

>Genert probably had runes something like Earth, Fertility and Mastery,
>according to the GL's. I argue, however, that runic classifications for a
>being like Genert (or Pamalt, for that matter) are essentially meaningless.

Since Pamalt's runes make sense, I fail to see why they are

>Genert was a giant and therefore "predated" the Celestial Court. I'm
>certain he was one of the survivors of the unknown war between the
>dragons and giants that took place before the gods were born.

The War between giants and dragons is present in many human
mythologies and the God Learners placed this war after the
formation of the Celestial Court. For example, the Praxians
believe their gods to be giants and the war whereas the
Vithelans believe that Dragons come from Dogsalu who was
created by the Three Magicians (one of which was Genert) in
their war against Vith.

>He existed
>before the Runes were expressed by the Court, like the major dragons.

Since the Kralori do (and the EWF did) give their dragons runes,
I do believe the major dragons to have runes.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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