Re: chinese imperialism

From: Alex Ferguson (
Date: Thu 09 Mar 2000 - 05:21:20 EET

> >>modern military comquest to Tibet is my dislike analogue.
> Alex Ferguson:
> >You've lost me (again): how does this fit in with Kralorela?
> >Comparisons between Tibet and KraLor are generally to do with the
> >Darudism/Lamaism comparison, not Kralorela invading anyplace else.
> Sorry, my sense of fun sometimes borders to use between "current" historical
> analogue and "classical" analogue. Gentle Dalai Lama still have exiled to
> India, Marxism China still domained Holy Buddhism land: simpathetic and
> coardice to real worldness.

I'm either lost a further time, or else I never found myself after the
first occassion. But so long as it's just your sense of fun that's
at work here, rather than finding something objectionable in a non-existent
analogy, as I first thought you were saying, I shall endeavour not to
worry too much.

Once again, to be clear about the 'Tibet analogy': there is no direct
Tibet analogue going on here, other than in the sense that the religion
of Kralorela proper contains elements comparable in some ways to aspects
of Tibetan buddhism.

> Geography greatness: Why is "Spanish" distasteful to you?

It's not distasteful, it just doesn't appear to make any sort of sense.
Saying Kralorela is like Spain in that it invaded 'Aztec' Ignorance
is like saying, I dunno, that Junora is like Australia, as it was
colonised by the 'English' Loskalmi, for the want of a better example.

> BTW, Cannot I expect someone teach me Kralorelan week name List? 6months,
> each has 7weeks:
> (FREX,unpathed water,etc...)

If there were fewer than 42, I might be more tempted to type 'em in for
you... But so far as I know, it starts at the same date as the
Theyalan calendar (the vernal equinox (give or take)), with the
Month of Silence being all bone week of Sea Season, and ending with
the Month of Spirit, being 5 weeks of Storm Season, plus Sacred Time.

If any of the week names are especially obscure in their Japanese
translation, I'll supply citations from GoG as needed.



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