Re: Lunar tricksters?

From: Alex Ferguson (
Date: Thu 09 Mar 2000 - 06:13:35 EET

Andrew Barton:
> Do tricksters have a social role in the Lunar Empire, as they do in
> Orlanthi society? Or would they be opposed to the empire, as an
> underground resistance? Or both?

I imagine that in the spirit of Lunar Tolerance, there's a place for,
for example, Rakenveg that's at least notionally more accepting of
his role than the Dara Happans are/were. But in keeping with my
view that for Lunar Tolerance in most cases read Imperial Pragmatics,
I don't think it's a very great place, anyway. (Inside a Xaronium,

As others have said, 'throw the rascal out' is basically everyone _but_
the Orlanthi's attitude to Tricksters. Come to that, it has some fairly
zealous adherents as a policy down our way, too... In Grand
Cosmological terms, one might say that Trickster is the Orlanthi's way
of reconciling themselves magically and mythically to the seemingly
capricious forces of creation and destruction of the universe, which the
Lunars approach more directly in their worship of the Goddess herself.
One might note, to wax ever more vague, that in the RQ3
mini-generic-cults, the Moon Goddess and the Trickster are described in
decidedly symmetrical terms, with the difference being that the MG is
'possibly knowable'. In terms, one might say that the means of
such knowing is Lunar mysticism, in all its wacky forms.

Or in other words: who needs Tricksters when your government is
a theocracy of LBCs and other types so tripped-out they're in
danger of being picked up on radar?



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