Re : Thed

Date: Thu 09 Mar 2000 - 12:06:27 EET

Graham J Robinson :

>Except this is a myth told from the male perspective. It seems unlikely
>that a woman would punish MEN by making WOMEN go through the same
>suffering she did.

Thed was raped by a member of the storm tribe. Her revenge is to use her
children to inflict rape on the storm tribe back - an eye for an eye.
Pan-species feminist solidarity just isn't an issue.

Murder is wrong, yet in many countries even today the state sanctions
execution as a valid punishment. You kill someone, you die. For Thed
the idea that the punishment for rape is to be plagued by rape might
seem like natural justice, in this case extended on a mythic scale.

Also bear in mind that in the Heortling culture, responsibility for a
crime extends to the bloodline, not just the individual.

Simon Hibbs


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