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Date: Thu 09 Mar 2000 - 17:51:50 EET

Hi to all,

Andrew Larse posed two very interesting questions:

#1: <<Subject: Thanatari HQ?
        Anyway, I thought it would be interesting to have a Thanatari try
some sort of perverted form of the LBQ using heads taken from Lightbringer
priests (with a mad head for Flesh Man). He's obviously trying for
something insidious, but I'm not quite sure what would be really
interesting/evil. Any suggestions about how the LBQ could be intentionally

Andrew already received good answers (I cite Peter's for example).
Mine is the following:
Why not "simply" trying to resurrect/reunite Thanatar/Tien/Atyar as a whole
living God?

#2: >Subject: A Thed Quest
>This raises an interesting question. Orlanth's role in this myth
>is to give Thed her demand. He does this because he is obligated to gran
> >justice, and justice demands that he grant the punishment she seeks. Am
>I>right on this?

Justice, in my opinion, demands that he Salomonically resolve the dilemma.
Punishment is not the goal of justice, in Orlanthi culture, as I read it.

>Presumably, for a Thed worshipper, this would be a critical myth to
>heroquest on, since it reveal the origin of Thed's power and chaotic
>nature. Such a heroquest would have to involve her going to an Orlanthi
> >and demanding justice for Ragnaglar's act. Assuming the broo is question
> >is strong enough that simply killing him/her is not an option (or perhaps
> >the Broo has captured the Orlanthi), what could the Orlanthi on the
>spot>do? Obviously he could refuse to grant the justice, but that would
>involve>undermining Orlanth's justice. Granting the justice strengthens
>the>Thedite. Is this a no-win situation for the Orlanthi?

IMO not. He (Orlanth) could punish his brother in many ways. Imprisonment,
even a "temporary" one, would be a harsh punishment, harsher than death or
exile, to an air/movement god.
Moreover he should make amend for his kin crime. I think he should adopt the
baby who Thed carries. He is his uncle, isn't him? He should be his
father-in-law while the real father is insane or anyway interdict
If Orlanth actually had done so, perhaps the Holy Trio would have never let
in the Chaos, Wakboth and all the Paraphernalia that followed.
Why Orlanth did not so?
Was possible, for Orlanth, to do so?
What if...?


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