Shadow Cats of Bodmin Moor

Date: Thu 09 Mar 2000 - 20:29:22 EET

Me:<< Certainly its difficult to see how a population of panthers could
remain hidden [snip]>>

Richard Develyn:
<<There was quite a good documentary here in the UK about these things - a
series of 1/2 hour programs each devoted to one of these myths (like the Loch
Ness monster). Anyway, w.r.t. the cats in Bodmin, the chap who presented it,
who seemed pretty level-headed, said it was quite possible.
 He explained that big cats are pretty good at hiding and if they don't want
you to find them then you won't find them. The only problem would come about
if a breeding pair formed when they get more aggressive and, I believe,

     That's why I said 'population'. A *single* cat released from a zoo or
something, yes, fair enough.



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