Earth God Learnerism

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Date: Fri 10 Mar 2000 - 12:12:53 EET

Peter Metcalfe :

> The Generti Pantheon is the current Praxian
> Pantheon. But the God Learners/Elves seem to place
> him as one corner of the earth rune (the other three
> are Gata, Empress Earth and the Earth Witch), so
> owning the Earth Rune (or even Earth & Infinity)
> looks unlikely.

Not from my end of the telescope. It seems possible,

That is, if you look at things from the POV of the
Generti/Ancient Praxians, then Genert is the Great God
of Earth, and they would likely consider him as the
Ultimate Source of all Earth Magic. It is from this

POV that I made the suggestion (although admittedly,
this is almost pure godlearnerism, and mostly/entirely
irrelevant to HW period Glorantha).

>> But what about the "Altina-Rune", the "Theya-Rune",

>> the "Sakum-Rune" and the "Luath-Rune", in that case

> There are no Altinae, Theya, Luath or Sakum runes in
> the sense of Genert or Pamalt runes.

OK, but now that we've started our way down God
Learner Street, and talked about the Four Corners of
the Earth Rune ; does anyone know anything about the
following matters ?

Bearing in mind that the Earth is a Cube :
(and from a GL POV)

Who are the gods/powers that govern its Eight Corners

- -.. the ones that govern its Seven Sides (including
the In Side) ?

> Food for thought: if Genert's death caused the loss
> of "powers of unity and harmony", then anything left
> could be described by earth and disorder. Which God
> would this be?

Interesting question : Don't know, but this is
presumably the same entity that has a weird penchant
for collecting hyena pelts ...

Julian Lord
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