Shadow Cats on Bodmin Moor

From: Richard Develyn (
Date: Fri 10 Mar 2000 - 12:46:31 EET


> That's why I said 'population'. A *single* cat released from a zoo or
>something, yes, fair enough.

I think 'population' is a bit vague.

There probably is a population of big cats on Bodmin but, according to this
chap on TV anyway, the chances of two of them fancying one another is quite
small. They'll probably die out in time.

Why this is I don't know. In Glorantha, presumably, there must be loads of
different breeds (if that's the right word - are they bred anywhere?) of
shadow cat, and unless the 'shadow' is some sort of darkness rune related
thing I imagine you get them all sorts of different colours and patterns.

Am I right?

The question then is how much interbreeding goes on. If they're pretty fussy
then you may well have a situation akin to Bodmin.

BTW, the big cats of Bodmin didn't escape from zoos, so the theory goes,
rather it is thought they were pets that were released some years ago when
legislation was brought into this country specifying that if you wanted a
pet cat it had to be of the small and cuddly kind. Up until then owning a
puma or panther was seen as a bit of a status symbol (by some).



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