Re: eastern confusion

From: Alex Ferguson (
Date: Sat 11 Mar 2000 - 01:19:43 EET

At the risk of making this sound like the usual Vormain Press Release
("That's not to be released.")...

> > and Missingland
> > some of names of Isle replaced or double named Nikumbila=Shenza,
> > Anatasy islands?=Maromonkotro, changed place: Ambatolampy, Faranvogath

The Big Eastern Orange:
> Peter answered the Nikumbila case excellently. Anatasy and
> those that have changed place were placed by Sandy, Greg Fried
> and me and subsequently gregged/sandyed by Missing Lands. Go
> with the names and placements of Missing Lands.

To be semi-Official here (though without bothering to clear this
with Upper Management), I'd treat neither set as Official, at least in
the case of Vormain, and maybe not in the Hinter Isles either. Sandy's
role in mysteriously Sandying himself, as Nils notes, seems especially



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