Re: Lunar tricksters

From: Meirion Hopkins (
Date: Sat 11 Mar 2000 - 14:29:45 EET

>Andrew Barton
> Subject: ?
> Do tricksters have a social role in the Lunar Empire, as they do in
> Orlanthi society? Or would they be opposed to the empire, as an
> underground resistance? Or both?

IIRC Orlanth is regarded as Trickster (the Murderer) in certain parts of the
Lunar Empire, especially amongst the Dara Happans I would expect.

If Danfive Xaron is Orlanth's analogue in a Seven Mother/Lightbringer
comparison, as the healed/repentant murderer, perhaps the Cenobites maintain
a special asylum for the 'healing' of expecially dangerous, but potentially
useful, 'tricksters' and bringing them into the light of the Red Way.

Perhaps Blackmoor the Rabid was booked in for a spot of RnR before his
conversion? :-)

Just a thought



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