Re: Vinga's woad, Orlanth's woad.

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Date: Sat 11 Mar 2000 - 17:41:44 EET

> From: "Alexandre Lanciani" <>
> Subject: The differences between Vinga's woad and Orlanth's

<snip wonderful story>

> What says my audience? Have I ransomed my head, or shall I lose it?

Looked pretty good to me!

Would you mind if I placed a copy of that in the collection of Vingan
bits on my web site? Properly attributed, of course.

Now the next question is, what do the male Orlanthi do to stop all the
women being overcome with lust when looking at their naked, woad-
covered bodies? Probable answer, going by the effect Annstad of

Dunstop had on Jareel: they don't. As a spectator sport, this sounds
even better than football. (You know: muscular men, short shorts,
ignore the irrelevant things they keep doing with a ball). Maybe that's
why in KoDP, the women on the clan ring keep urging me to take
auxiliaries along as healers. They want a look.

Come to think of it, if most marriages are with other clans, and the
main contact with said other clans is during raids... yes, it all makes
sense, doesn't it? They're not out there trying to get cows. They're
showing off to their prospective wives.

On the other hand, maybe I'm over-stating the case a little? :)

Jane Williams


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