Re: Shadow Cats of Bodmin Moor

Date: Sat 11 Mar 2000 - 23:00:08 EET


<< Apparently not all 'alynx' are 'shadowcats' though, which has the faint
whiff of a naff retcon to me, but one will have to wait and see exactly what
Anaxial has to say on the matter before making such a judgement.>>

     Technically, 'shadowcat' is the term for a wild alynx, but I suspect
that in everyday Heortling usage, the terms are interchangeable.
<< It may be unlikely in Official Glorantha as well, since it's not clear
that housecats as such actually exist. (Though this would be highly odd,
IMO.) >>
    Not only do they exist and have stats in Anaxial, but they have an actual
myth in that book, too. In the likely event that AR has not been published by

the time of Convulsion, I will recount said myth at the Storytelling thingy
on Sunday night (assuming a similar schedule for the Con as previous years).
The myth has been approved by Greg, so the existence of Gloranthan housecats
is as official as one could want.
    IMO, however, the Heortlings do not themselves have housecats, as they
have moggy-sized alynxes to hunt mice for them instead.

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