Hero Wars rule clarification

From: Paul Aebersold (paul@unsw.edu.au)
Date: Sun 12 Mar 2000 - 06:31:00 EET

        This is a bit off topic but I couldn't think of a better place to
ask it. I have read the Hero Wars rules summary on the Glorantha web site
and have some questions about it. While the rules look quite good and
will achieve the desired heroic stature of play intended the cut down
version doesn't make much sense. So if someone could clarify the below
points I would appreciate it.

* Do Action Points (AP) return to their starting value every episode (ie
adventure), or every scene (ie combat)?

* Although it is never stated I have worked out (?) that in a contest each
side bids a number of APs. This bidding of APs is done every "round" of a
contest. Is this correct?

* If I have 24 APs to start with, bid 7, but am not forced to transfer or
forfeit any are my APs next round :
        a) 24
        b) 17 (24 - 7)
or to put another way are APs I bid lost by virtue to the fact that I have
bid them?

For the combat questions below I am assuming that combat is an Extended

* In the Extended Contest results chart the outcome results are listed as
1x, 2x, etc. Does this mean that if the table states that "Loser
Transfers 2x" mean that the loser of the combat transfers 2 times the APs
they bid, or 2 times the APs that their opponent bid?

If the answer is 2 times the APs they bid, then why bid more than 1 AP?
That way the most you can lose is 3 AP (ie if you fumble and your opponent
crits). Or is there some other benefit of bidding a large number of APs?

* Terminology question. In the chart under the Extend Contest result
chart (which has no name, handy that ;)) it lists the Degree of Defeat
depending on number of APs lost for "Ordinary" and "Heroic" contests.
Are "ordinary" contests normal mortal man combats and "heroic" contests
equivalent to Harrek vs The Bat? Or is "ordinary" = simple and "heroic" =

* Parting shots. I can make one if I reduce an opponent to under 0 APs.
So what is a parting shot?

* In combat, each side is trying to reduce the other to 0 APs. Does this
mean that combat results (Dazed, Hurt, Injured, Dying) are only worked out
once one side is below 0 APs and this is determined by looking at the
Consequences Chart? (Ignoring the fact that someone can injure
themselves by trading APs lost for wounds).

Thats all. Please don't take these questions to mean I don't like the
Hero Wars system. It's just the online version of the rules doesn't make
sense and is missing whole slabs of essential information. Thanks for
your help.


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