RE: The Glorantha Digest V7 #457

From: Bob Stancliff (
Date: Mon 13 Mar 2000 - 15:53:52 EET

>From: "Alexandre Lanciani" <>
>Subject: The differences between Vinga's woad and Orlanth's
> Vinga was a brave weaponthane of Orlanth, as good as any
>other thane of his... and like all the
>warriors of the tribe she marched in battle naked but for the
>blue woad they...

        Frankly, Alex, I can't remember a single myth where Orlanth wore woad
into battle. Most of his combat myths start with the Armoring Ceremony.
At least three years ago I made a house rule that took the woad spell from
Orlanth and gave it to Storm Bull. It feels far more correct and 'mythic'
for worshippers of a Blue Berseker God to paint themselves blue and run
naked, and screaming, into battle... even the women.
        Orlanthi and Vingans might wear some woad, but it is probably more
selective, like the cover art for Hero Wars where the guy wears pants with
woad on the rest of his body. The obvious advantage of woad is that you
get armor without encumbrance, which, in RQ, lets you fight longer before


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