Re: Naked blue showoffs

From: Alex Ferguson (
Date: Mon 13 Mar 2000 - 15:39:02 EET

Theo Posselt:
> No, I definitely thinks this makes sense. One point on this, though - it
> would imply that the violence level in the raids are fairly low. After,
> dicing up someone's cousin is a fairly poor way to get a date...

I think that's so. At least in the sense that one can go quite a few
raids without fatality, not that they _can't_ get very nasty and bloody,
either by intent or by cock-up.
Partly this is they can be
deliberately sneaky, hit and run type affairs (what KoDP calls Cattle
Raids, mildly confusingly), and partly as the showier affairs may
indeed be a lot of bluff and posturing, relative to the degree of actual
mayhem. (This is almost a redundant statement, as applied to almost
any theatre of human physical conflict...)

Lastly, perhaps combat in Glorantha is as mild-mannered as HW portrays
it to be? <gdr>



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