Re: naked vingans and the purpose of raiding

From: Alexandre Lanciani (
Date: Mon 13 Mar 2000 - 14:24:14 EET

[Alex Ferguson]

> Interesting story, and one I rather liked.


> a bright blue woman running screaming at you
> from the shrubbery with an 8' pointy stick she proceeds to attempt to
> insert in one, and you're going to think "Boobies!", or "Nice Arse!"?

        There are many stages of the battle before the charge, I think. Boasting
and taunting your opponent, frex. And also scouting the enemy camp (although
in this case it would be more correct to call it voyeurism)...

[Jane Williams]

> <snip wonderful story>


> Come to think of it, if most marriages are with other clans, and the
> main contact with said other clans is during raids... yes, it all makes
> sense, doesn't it? They're not out there trying to get cows. They're
> showing off to their prospective wives.

        This certainly adds a new perspective to raiding and especially new motives
for young to go raiding. Maybe they also prefer capturing young women
instead of cattle, so that they can calmly court them back at home (and if
the capture wasn't too violent, I think that the young women in question
would have nothing to object, after all is as good a way as any other to
make a trip outside their tula).

        BTW, does the proto-feminist attitude and red-dyed hair make Vingans appear
as Lunar sympathizers to the most traditionalist Orlanthi?

        An insinuating Alex.


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