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Date: Mon 13 Mar 2000 - 14:37:44 EET

Paul Aebersold:

>* Do Action Points (AP) return to their starting value every episode (ie
>adventure), or every scene (ie combat)?

Every scene. Not all contests are combats, mind you. Also, you don't
have to use combat abilities in a combat.

>* Although it is never stated I have worked out (?) that in a contest each
>side bids a number of APs.

In extended contests, yes. Each participant gets to bid once every
round (unless they have been taken out during another participant's

>This bidding of APs is done every "round" of a
>contest. Is this correct?

Each participant gets to take one action per round and thus bid once
every round (unless they have been taken out during another
participant's initiative/bid).

>* If I have 24 APs to start with, bid 7, but am not forced to transfer or
>forfeit any are my APs next round :
> a) 24
> b) 17 (24 - 7)
>or to put another way are APs I bid lost by virtue to the fact that I have
>bid them?

No. If you neither forfeit nor transfer you keep your bid. APs remain 24.

>For the combat questions below I am assuming that combat is an Extended
>* In the Extended Contest results chart the outcome results are listed as
>1x, 2x, etc. Does this mean that if the table states that "Loser
>Transfers 2x" mean that the loser of the combat transfers 2 times the APs
>they bid, or 2 times the APs that their opponent bid?
>If the answer is 2 times the APs they bid, then why bid more than 1 AP?
>That way the most you can lose is 3 AP (ie if you fumble and your opponent
>crits). Or is there some other benefit of bidding a large number of APs?

Only 'contestant' bids at a time. A attacks B during his action and
bids 5 APs. If A loses and gets a 'loser transfers x2', he loses 10
APs and B gains 10 APs.

>* Terminology question. In the chart under the Extend Contest result
>chart (which has no name, handy that ;)) it lists the Degree of Defeat
>depending on number of APs lost for "Ordinary" and "Heroic" contests.
>Are "ordinary" contests normal mortal man combats and "heroic" contests
>equivalent to Harrek vs The Bat? Or is "ordinary" = simple and "heroic" =

I think Heroic Contests are contests which takes place on the Hero
Plane. I may be wrong though.

>* Parting shots. I can make one if I reduce an opponent to under 0 APs.
>So what is a parting shot?

If you wish to get a greater victory than the one you got, you can
make a parting shot. Should you lose the parting shot, you may
yourself be reduced to 0 or less APs, which ends the contest in a
draw, since you both lose.

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