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From: Mikko Rintasaari (
Date: Mon 13 Mar 2000 - 17:36:01 EET

I know this is old stuff too, but

> 1. Rules reality
> 2. Literary reality
> 3. Glorantha as it appears to its inhabitants
> 4. Glorantha as it really is.
> If you're content with the literary reality, where jokes, parody, and
> all manner of silliness abound, fine; I enjoy it too. But when I'm
> working at level 3, which is the goal of the better roleplaying groups,
> I want to know what Gloranthans call their cities. Old, stale jokes
> don't cut it at this level.

And after this rather sensible definition a great number of people rushed
to point their noses high into the air and demand and apology for this
such oppressive elitist comments.

Well, for my part I agree with the above. I have nothing agains people who
just want to gather around for a few pints and a spot of gaming, none too

Personally I think RPG can achieve much more than just simple "having
fun", and striving to get closer to the mentioned level 3 is definitely
one of the keys.

I want to explore new ways of thinking, ethics and metaphysics,
_as_well_as_ have fun.

As usual the harder things have higher gains. At least I enjoy deep and
believable games much, much more than things that have just been created
for a few laughs.

The person defined the levels of Glorantha gaming is a immersionist or a
simulationist gamer, and this is a goal I appreciate and value.

There... just call me an elitist bastard too.


"thinker, dreamer and adventurer"


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