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> Subject: Dune , Princess Mononoke
> The error that Lynch made in
> <<Dune was producing a final version that was too short. The movie should
> have been 3 hours long. All of its major failings were because he tried to
> fit too much story into the second half of the movie and wound up producing
> an incoherent film that barely makes sense even if you'd read the book.
> Long Live the 4 Hour Epic of the Hero Wars!>>
> I seem to remember reading somewhere(I think that it was in Newsweek) that Lynch said that someone else edited the movie before it was released and that he disliked what had been done to it, so that might not be his fault.
> Speaking of movies with a Gloranthan flavor, I'd like to take this
> chance to plug the animated film "Princess Mononoke". It's got a hero
> who rides an animal that isn't a horse (an elk), a Telmori for the
> heroine (well, almost) and several weird forest spirits. All things that
> should satisfy we Gloranthophiles.
> Mark Mohrfield

If I haven't remembered to say it before, then I'll have to chime in with
this. Mononoke Hime is _the_ glorantha film out there. It's got just the
right epic feel, and and the forest is something I'm going to adopt for
that weird East-Ralian elf wood.

I really recommend getting a _good_ subtitled version, and not falling for
a dubbed one. It's never worth it, and the original voice acting is
remarkable. Get a video projector and a big screen if you can, or at least
plug a big stereo set to your videos and light some candles.
  Mononoke Hime is a movie I want every one of my Glorantha gamers to see.

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