Re: Roleplaying groups

Date: Tue 14 Mar 2000 - 01:45:44 EET

Mikko Rintasaari:

<< But when I'm > working at level 3, which is the goal of the better
roleplaying groups,

 And after this rather sensible definition a great number of people rushed to
point their noses high into the air and demand and apology for this such
oppressive elitist comments. Well, for my part I agree with the above. >>

    What people were upset about, I believe, was the implication that any
group whose goal was not level 3 was not a "better roleplaying group". This
is clearly false, IMO, because whether or not one personally happens to enjoy
'level 3' gaming as described in the post, it has nothing to do with whether
or not a given group is a good one. The only criterion for that, IMO, is
whether or not its members enjoy being part of said group. Surely a "better
roleplaying group" is one that caters to what its players want rather than
one which aims at a particular standard or style of play.
<< Personally I think RPG can achieve much more than just simple "having
fun", and striving to get closer to the mentioned level 3 is definitely one
of the keys. >>

     Ah, but does that mean that anyone who disagrees with you is somehow not
gaming properly? Presumably that isn't what you mean...
Forward the glorious Red Army!


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