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Date: Tue 14 Mar 2000 - 09:22:18 EET

Dave Bailey asks:

> I'm doing some ground work to run all the Greydog stuff in TOTRM 18.
> Do the Orlanthi have such a thing as a sheepdog (or cattle dog) or
> it's equivalent?

Everyone will disagree. I note from your subject line, however, that you
appear to be aware of the controversy, which makes you post look similar to
a troll -- a trollkin, perhaps?

To put my case: I played in the original Greydog Campaign, and in our game
our clan used sheepdogs (not sheepcats). People who say that all Orlanthi
hate dogs are IMO ignoring or denigrating the name and practices of our

clan: not very polite. We like cats so much that we make dogs do the
dog-work. We have many Yinkin worshippers in our clan (all our hunters, for
a start), and never get hassled by cat-nazis.

Anyway, you can dig the whole debate up (in its various incarnations,
including the "goat" spinoffs) by searching the Digest archives at with a few relevant strings. I'd
suggest searching on "sheepdog" to begin with.

There's a relevant piece of fiction on my website ("Yinkin the Shepherd",
explaining why only an idiot would use cats to herd sheep, at

> Also, can somebody point to more information on the Boar Hunt event
> that happens in 1609?

The ur-source is Different Worlds #28, "Gloranthan Military Experience":

        The Boar Hunt (1609). Persistent raiding by the tusk riders rallied
        their foes, and many lands sent their best hunters and warriors to
        hunt down the raiders. Success was, as usual, questionable.

Raiders came from both Tarsh and Sartar, raided by Tusk Riders in the
previous two years. The conflicts were indecisive (no modifier to battle
rolls based on historical outcome).

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